Tirades of the Left

Senator Hunt is on a rampage after the introduction of LR107. Since it’s introduction and likely spurred by the testimony of the public, Senator Hunt as well as Senator Blood have launched an all out attack on conservatives that don’t conform to their narrative. LR118 focuses on the Lefts Narrative that an aggressive mob stormedContinue reading “Tirades of the Left”

Protect Our Children – THIS Friday!

🚨🚨CALL TO ACTION🚨🚨Please LIKE and SHARE!!! #UnitedWeStand The Protect Our Children Protest is scheduled for THIS Friday, May 14th from noon until 2pm.Our goal is to pull our children from their schools and all report to our respective school districts administration/board/etc building for a peaceful protest in support of an AMERICAN Education; one without constantContinue reading “Protect Our Children – THIS Friday!”


THIS Friday, May 14th, parents, students, families and friends across the state of Nebraska will be gathering at their respective School Board/Administration building to peacefully protest the indoctrination pushed onto our children. Everyone is able to join us!! Even if your location is not a listed participating location – does not mean you cannot rallyContinue reading “Upcoming!”

LR107 cont…

LR107 has made it really clear which Senators believe in our Constitution and which completely disregard it. 💁‍♀️ Following our testimony in Support of LR107 which Opposes Federal and State Government Overreach a few of our Senators have gone off the deep end. This looney amendment has zero to do with Government Overreach and everythingContinue reading “LR107 cont…”

Public Testimony & Show of Support!

Join us TOMORROW for a show of support for LR107 with the Executive Committee at noon! Limited speakers – so come help us fill the halls 🙌 many plan to meet between 11 and 1130 before the hearing. https://nebraskalegislature.gov/FloorDocs/107/PDF/Intro/LR107.pdf We encourage all our members to read this wonderful resolution! Please call and email our SenatorsContinue reading “Public Testimony & Show of Support!”


Protect our Children Protest May 14th !!! Everyone, across the State will call out of work, pull our kids and report to their respective school board for a peaceful protest from 12pm-2pm against the indoctrination in our children’s schools. Get the masks off our kids.Shut down the Sex-Ed.Get the Politically Biased Agenda out of ourContinue reading “PROTECT OUR CHILDREN PROTEST”

Cancel Culture Continues

Today another conservative voice was silenced by the radical woke mob. Chris Baker was fired by KFAB after an accidental post of the wrong gif was labeled racist by several liberal politicians. Chris has stated in a post on his Facebook that his journey will not end here and an announcement is coming. The factContinue reading “Cancel Culture Continues”