Oct 9 • NE Freedom Rally

It’s rally time again!!! This Saturday will be a little different… in all the right ways 😉 check it out 👇 Facebook Event Page We will begin with a rally at the State Capitol on the north steps from 1-4pm Bring your American Flags, Signs for Medical Freedom/Call A Special Session, plenty of drink &Continue reading “Oct 9 • NE Freedom Rally”

Facebook, Instagram, What’s App are all down!

If you hadn’t noticed, there is a blackout on the big tech social media platforms and potential talk of difficulties on Telegram as well. Fortunately! Allie French is also the technical director for a newly released social media platform, TLBTalk.com ! TLBTalk does not participate in big tech censorship. We are fully member funded, soContinue reading “Facebook, Instagram, What’s App are all down!”

Preserving Our Liberty

As Fauci continues to present us with ridiculous recommendations for handling a majorly benign viral infection, we want to take this opportunity to remind you that NAGO will be holding their annual community Christmas party in the first couple weeks of December! Keep an eye out! For the last couple of years we have hadContinue reading “Preserving Our Liberty”

Who’s ready to Go Big Red?!

Following the Regents Meeting at Varner Hall on Friday Oct 8th (more info below) Nebraskans Against Government Overreach will be hosting another NE Freedom Rally on Oct 9th in Lincoln!! This time we’re gonna do things a little differently. One of our favorite things to do is unite with our community to make our voicesContinue reading “Who’s ready to Go Big Red?!”

2 Down. 1 To Go!

Thursday 9.23 we rallied in support of 3M Employees. Live video from rally: Pt1: https://www.facebook.com/NebraskansAgainstGovernmentOverreach/videos/6570806412937419/ Pt2: https://www.facebook.com/NebraskansAgainstGovernmentOverreach/videos/187726426774408/ Saturday 9.25 we rallied in support of our local university students. Live video from rally: On Monday we will rally with local Healthcare workers on Mercy Rd in Omaha!!! Join CHI Doctors for a Medical Freedom Rally andContinue reading “2 Down. 1 To Go!”

Rally On!

Thursday September 23rd Who wants to go support these guys?! https://ketv.com/article/employee-organizing-rally-at-3m-plant-over-federal-vaccine-mandate/37671544 Saturday September 25th Monday September 27th Let’s keep up the momentum!!! Please continue to email and call your senator and the governor calling for a special session to discuss protections for our Medical freedoms. Governor Ricketts: pete.ricketts@nebraska.gov State Senators: raguilar@leg.ne.gov,jalbrecht@leg.ne.gov,jarch@leg.ne.gov,cblood@leg.ne.gov,ebostar@leg.ne.gov,bbostelman@leg.ne.gov,tbrandt@leg.ne.gov,tbrewer@leg.ne.gov,tbriese@leg.ne.gov,rclements@leg.ne.gov,jcavanaugh@leg.ne.gov,mcavanaugh@leg.ne.gov,jday@leg.ne.gov,wdeboer@leg.ne.gov,mdorn@leg.ne.gov,serdman@leg.ne.gov,mflood@leg.ne.gov,cfriesen@leg.ne.gov,sgeist@leg.ne.gov,tgragert@leg.ne.gov,mgroene@leg.ne.gov,shalloran@leg.ne.gov,bhansen@leg.ne.gov,mhansen@leg.ne.gov,mhilgers@leg.ne.gov,rhilkemann@leg.ne.gov,dhughes@leg.ne.gov,mhunt@leg.ne.gov,slathrop@leg.ne.gov,mkolterman@leg.ne.gov,blindstrom@leg.ne.gov,llinehan@leg.ne.gov,jlowe@leg.ne.gov,jmccollister@leg.ne.gov,mmcdonnell@leg.ne.gov,tmckinney@leg.ne.gov,amorfeld@leg.ne.gov,mmoser@leg.ne.gov,dmurman@leg.ne.gov,rpahls@leg.ne.gov,ppansingbrooks@leg.ne.gov,rsanders@leg.ne.gov,jslama@leg.ne.gov,jstinner@leg.ne.gov,tvargas@leg.ne.gov,lwalz@leg.ne.gov,jwayne@leg.ne.gov,mwilliams@leg.ne.gov,awishart@leg.ne.gov We especially need theContinue reading “Rally On!”

NAGO: Weekly Announcement 9.20.21

Welcome to our many new members! We are glad to have you join us and hope you will continue to help us grow. One of the easiest ways to help our mission is to encourage friends, family and community members to join our email list and follow through on as many of our calls toContinue reading “NAGO: Weekly Announcement 9.20.21”


Thank you to ALL who made it out to the Nebraska Freedom Rally!! What a phenomenal success with nearly 1500 Patriots ready to rise up and stand for our freedom. NAGO wants to give a heartfelt thanks to all of our co-sponsors for the event: FACE FRIENDLY NEBRASKA, NEBRASKA FREEDOM KEEPERS, FREEDOM RALLY USA,  NEBRASKAContinue reading “NEBRASKA FREEDOM RALLY 9.18.21”


TOMORROW. ⭐️ Freedom Festival ‘21 ⭐️Friday, September 17th “The time for ‘waking people up’ is over.The time to come together with people who are aware is now.” If you’re anything like us, you’re probably tired of party politics feeling like the popularity hierarchy of high school. And if you’re anything like us, you probably don’tContinue reading “FREEDOM FESTIVAL ’21”


REDISTRICTING You can find all the official maps here: http://news.legislature.ne.gov/red/ Here is the list of of bills. https://nebraskalegislature.gov/bills/search_by_date.php?SessionDay=2021&special=1 All the practical options are in LB 1 to LB8.  Click on the Introduced Bill and scroll down below the “legalese” to see the map. You can kind-of match these up with a higher quality map on the firstContinue reading “THURSDAY – CALL TO ACTION: Omaha”