NAGO: Weekly Schedule and Opportunities to Get Involved

Jan 22nd NAGO is hosting NE Freedom Rally on the Pedestrian Bridge over Dodge St in the south side of Memorial Park – we will be uniting for our community’s medical freedom and against the unconstitutional mask mandate imposed by the unelected bureaucrat Lindsay Huse. There was to be a hearing this week, however, thatContinue reading “NAGO: Weekly Schedule and Opportunities to Get Involved”

This is Why!!!

We The People were heard #68 and #69!!! This is why we take the time out of our days to be involved in the process! Engaged in having our voices heard! Present in having our position shown!!! Checkout the full lawsuit at the link below, lots of good stuff and an excellent explanation of theContinue reading “This is Why!!!”

Consistency is Key

Join us again Wednesday from 2-4pm as we stand in protest of a mandate imposed by an unelected bureaucrat!! Join us at the Douglas County Health Department off 41st and Pacific for a peaceful protest, help us call for an immediate halt in the mandate agenda and abuse of government power by special interests!!! NowContinue reading “Consistency is Key”

Do You REALLY Care about Medical Freedoms?

We kick off the week with the big stuff!! Convention of States, Mask Mandates and protections from Vaccine Mandates!!! It’s time to #RiseUp, get involved, and join us in #PreservingOurLiberty!!! Join NAGO and the COS Action Group NE, Monday at 11am at the Lincoln Capitol for LR14! “Dear Convention of States Supporter, WE NEED ALLContinue reading “Do You REALLY Care about Medical Freedoms?”

Covid-19 Info & Resources

Our Covid-19 Info & Resource page has OFFICIALLY launched!!! Over 6 LONG pages worth of information on Masks, Testing, Covid-19 Injections, Exemptions and all the resources one could need. Please check it out and share with everyone you know. Covid-19 Info & Resources page #NAGO #PreservingOurLiberty #beInformed #MEDICALFREEDOMFORALL #noMandates #Exemptions #Resources

Are You Ready for This?!

CALL TO ACTION. CALL EMAIL AND SHARE ASAP – OPPOSE an Omaha Mask Mandate!!! Millard Union is joining with Westside, Papillion and the Omaha Education Agency to go to the City Council and advocate for a mask mandate for the city. STOP what you are doing RIGHT NOW – Call and Write saying you DOContinue reading “Are You Ready for This?!”

Weekly Update and Announcements

We kick off the week in a new year, 2022! Our leaders and members of NAGO have spent the last year dedicated to the freedoms of Nebraska, of our country, for our children and future generations. Weekly Schedule We have a lighter week this week as we spend this last week preparing for the beginningContinue reading “Weekly Update and Announcements”

Peaceful Protest TOMORROW • Lincoln NE

How are businesses allowed to discriminate in 2021?! We would love some help from surrounding communities to show Lincoln businesses that we are done putting up with this! #noMandates #FmedicalDiscrimination #NAGO #PreservingOurLiberty #RiseUp Please join us TOMORROW for a peaceful protest at “Eyes of the World” in Lincoln NE from 11am to 1pm! Eyes ofContinue reading “Peaceful Protest TOMORROW • Lincoln NE”

New Year, New Session, New Calls to Action

We are nearing a New Year, the second legislative session, and many calls to action that come with it! The legislative session moves quickly, our civil servants will be introducing and prioritizing legislation as soon as the session begins. We are expecting many important bills to be introduced aimed towards Preserving Our Liberty and preventingContinue reading “New Year, New Session, New Calls to Action”